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Inspired Motherhood

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Angela is an IBCLC who provides clinical lactation care and evidence-based childbirth education classes to families in the Coweta, Fayette, and Henry County (GA, USA) areas.
(Travel fees may apply outside the listed areas)

Angela Orenczak, BS, IBCLC, CPD, CBE

The Lactation Network may cover your visits if you have private medical insurance: Check Your Coverage | Lactation Network

Angela Orenczak, IBCLC
About Inspired Motherhood

Inspired Motherhood was founded in 2013 (originally as South Atlanta Lactation Consulting) by Angela Orenczak, IBCLC, Certified Childbirth Educator, and Certified Postpartum Doula.  


Check out the About button to learn more about Angela's experience and education! 


Inspired Motherhood serves Coweta, Fayette, and (west) Henry Counties in South Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Beautiful Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful and messy and wonderful and maybe the biggest challenge any woman will face in her life.

Having support during those critical and special postpartum days and weeks can be of vital importance.  

Women who are supported by Postpartum Doulas have easier recoveries, enjoyable Babymoons, less postpartum depression, and have higher breastfeeding rates.  

Women who seek the clinical care of an IBCLC are receiving the Gold Standard of care in the lactation profession.  If you're wondering if your lactation professional is board certified, you can verify their IBCLC status here.


Angela's Vision
Angela Orenczak, IBCLC

Angela wants to help each mother achieve her own defined success in her breastfeeding goals.  


Whether you are a nursing mother for 2 weeks or 2 years, you deserve the best care possible. 


It is Angela's hope that the mothers who find nursing to be painful, difficult and not joyous would seek clinical care for their difficulties and land on the path of pain-free, beautiful nursing relationships.


  • In-home IBCLC evaluations and consultations (travel fees may apply)

  • Childbirth Education Classes - Baby Steps Childbirth Education
    (Private or Group)

  • Breastfeeding Education Classes - Baby Steps Breastfeeding Education
    (Private or Group)

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Consults

  • Breastfeeding Care Plans

  • Specializing in team care approaches for babies with Tight Oral Tethers (tongue/lip ties)​

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