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Lactation Clients


A few reminders prior to our meeting:  feed yourself, wear comfy clothing, don't nurse the baby to saity just before our appointment - we need the baby to be ready to nurse and show off! Please don't worry about cleaning your home - rest is the best preparation you can do before we meet.  


Be sure to bring with you - or have handy - any breastfeeding items you are using that will make your appointment as comfortable as possible (pillow, nipple shield - if you were give one, ample supply of diapers, blankets, your pump (and parts!) etc).  


I will show you and your baby complete respect during our exams and consultation, always asking before I do anything.  My number one goal is your comfort!  

Postpartum Doula Clients


Make a mental (or even better, a physical) list of things you'd like to discuss - baby care, birth story events, babywearing, breastfeeding, etc. and a list of things you'd like me to do while I'm with you - fold laundry, prepare a meal/snack, hold the baby while you shower, vacuum, play with older children, etc.  

Please don't worry about cleaning your home before I arrive.  I'll be there to help you!  I'm not bothered by clutter or dishes, I promise.  

I'm coming into your sanctuary, if there are things you expect or want me to know, just tell me.  I'm pretty hard to offend.  I'll be glad to support you in the ways you need, helping to make your 4th trimester a great one.  

Breastfed baby
When should you call for a lactation consult?


  • Concern regarding baby's weight gain

  • Sore or damaged nipples

  • Breast pain

  • Latching issues

  • Pain during or after nursing

  • Baby nursing less than 8 times in 24 hours

  • Baby's with insufficent wet or soiled diapers/output

  • Help establishing milk supply when mother/baby are separated (NICU)

  • Prior breast or chest surgeries

  • History of PCOS

  • Large, flat or inverted nipples

  • Recent revision of your baby's tongue or lip tie

  • Prenatal consult when prior nursing relationships ended prematurely

  • Back-to-work prep and planning

  • Baby who struggles at the breast, sputters or chokes

  • Recurring issues like thrush, mastitis or cracked/bleeding nipples

Breastfed baby
What does a lactation consult consist of?


  • Complete maternal health history, lactation and birth history, baby's health history

  • Pre and post feed weight check

  • Evaluation of the baby's oral anatomy and structural issues

  • Evaluation of mother's breasts

  • Assistance with positioning and latching

  • Addressing any other concerns the mother may have

Baby Girl
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