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Belly Casting FAQ

I love belly casts. I have four of my own. I looked forward to opening the belly cast kit I purchased before my first son was born. When I was around 38 weeks pregnant my husband and I giggled and smiled and talked about our soon-to-be-born baby while he casted my glorious bump and amazing pregnant-size breasts.

When I began Inspired Motherhood I wondered if I could help clients experience the same fun and the moment-in-time of their full term belly as a forever keepsake. I have had the honor of casting two beautiful bellies (that weren't my own!) so far and it's been a wonderful experience for the mothers. I do hear some of the same questions over and over regarding belly casting so I thought I'd take a few moments to reply to them here!

1 - WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? Well, that's up to you! Most mothers use their cast for decor somewhere in their home. I have mine on my fireplace mantel because I love them so much and they add something unique to our home. You can hang them with decorative ribbon. Some mothers use them for photo ops to show the size of their newborn compared to their belly bump and as a gauge of growth for monthly photos. 2 - I DIDN'T MAKE ONE FOR MY OLDER CHILD/REN, IT SEEMS UNFAIR TO START NOW! IS IT OK TO DO ONE FOR BABY 2, 3, 4...10 WHEN I DIDN'T CAST ONE BEFORE? Of course it's ok! You likely celebrate each pregnancy in a different way anyway! This can be another way to mark this baby as unique and this experience as something you will remember. Just because you make one for a subsequent baby doesn't mean you love them more than your other babies! It's a fun keepsake that you only get a few chances in life to create! Don't miss out on the opportunity!

3 - HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO CAST A MOTHER? The entire casting takes around 45-60 minutes. The plaster is fairly quickly drying, so we have to move sort of fast! 4 - I HATE MY BOOBS! CAN WE PERK THEM UP? (Note: I am in no way body shaming breasts here - this is a literal statement I hear regarding breasts and casting them!) Sure can! You can wear a bra for the casting if you'd like. I have a technique that can provide some protection to the bra (better to wear one that's not a favorite though, just in case!). 5 - DO YOU PAINT THEM? Sadly, I am not artistic. I do have a local artist I can recommend and an out of state artist I can recommend as well. If you want to attempt self-decorating, I have some pointers and tips we can discuss. If you have any questions or want to book your very own casting session, please don't hesitate to reach out to me for more information: Best! Angela

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