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Mother Blessing Events FAQ

One of my absolute most favorite things are Mother Blessing events. I love the specialness and the uniqueness of the moment. I receive many questions about Mother Blessings so I thought I'd take a few moments to explain the who, what, why of a MB event!

1 - WHO NEEDS A MOTHER BLESSING? Any mother-to-be! It can be for a first baby or a 12th baby. The blessing event is for any mother who is about to give birth (and these can be adapted to mothers who are awaiting an adoptive match or other circumstances as well!). Mother Blessings differ from traditional baby showers in that the focus of the event is the impending birth and the building up the mother for her next journey - birth. The type of birth is not relevant to this event. No matter how the baby is born, the mother is becoming a mother to a new, tiny human. It is a monumental occasion!

2 – WHO HOSTS A MOTHER BLESSING? Friends and/or family of the mother-to-be typically host the event. I am available for hire to plan and/or officiate the event as well. 3 – WHAT DO YOU DO AT A MOTHER BLESSING? There are many different components to the event. There is usually a self-introduction of each attendee, a special bead/flower presented to the mother by each attendee, special words/prayer time if the mother would like, a “cut the cord” bracelet for each attendee so they can have a physical reminder to think of the mother in her pre-birthing time and a few other options of special things that can be done/said/presented. Henna for the mother/guests is an option. I can provide some artist info if you'd like to hire a henna artist for your event. 4 – CAN WE BRING GIFTS? Of course you can! The Mother Blessing is more focused on the mother and not the baby (Baby Showers are a whole other beast!) so some appropriate things to give might be items the mother can use before the birth for self-care or for her postpartum babymooning phase when she will be sitting a lot to recover from her birth. 5 – IS THERE FOOD? I usually suggest a pot luck of sorts, but you could opt to have food catered. It’s really fun to ask the mother what her favorites are and what she’s been craving. We usually have a nice buffet of options that are belly filling good! I hope this answers a few of the common questions I receive regarding Mother Blessing events! If you have any questions or would like to book an event, please contact me: Best! Angela

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